Your dream of becoming an author is possible if you self publish with Amazon Kindle and paperbacks.

Amazon KDP : self publish and make money

The best part is, it's so simple that you could become a best selling author even with little or no writing skills.

If you are publishing only hard covered book you are leaving money on the table

1) Ebooks are selling like crazy

From US$1.94 billion in 2019, only e-book sales revenue projected to reach US$13.62bn in 2022. With an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 3.38%, it's set to hit US$16.08bn by 2027.

There's no minimum number but we suggest you start with at least 24 pages.

2) How many pages should a Kindle ebook be?

Amazon KDP is the best place to self publish your ebook. It also allows you to publish a print version. The best part is, it's absolutely free.

3) Amazon Kindle direct publishing

All you need is a manuscript and a cover. Login & upload within minutes and your book will be visible worldwide in 72 hours.

4) Publishing a book on Amazon KDP

Uploading a book on KDP is absolutely free. You will make money from the royalties while Amazon keeps a percentage of the sale price.

5) Do I have to pay anything to create on KDP

The answer is simply, Yes! The Amazon KDP is still profitable and will remain so if you know how to do it properly.

6) Can you still make money on amazon KDP 2022