ChatGPT Access Banned In NYC Public Schools !

An AI chatbot that generates lengthy, thought-provoking, and comprehensive responses to questions and prompts.

The ban on ChatGPT was announced by the Department of Education citing a negative impact on critical-thinking and problem-solving skills of students.

New York City's school district bars students & teachers from using ChatGPT, making it one of the first major districts to do so.

The extent of the ban on ChatGPT in NYC is unclear, However, it is still available for use in New York public schools for classes studying artificial intelligence upon request.

Students are utilizing ChatGPT to automatically generate homework assignments, solve math equations, and compose essays.

Experts say chatbots like ChatGPT may be a potential detriment to education, but institutions should integrate them into curriculum rather than ban them entirely.

OpenAI stated in response to the ChatGPT ban that it does not want the system to be used for deceptive purposes and is developing methods to identify generated text.

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